Her majesty Maria Gabriela the 1st Queen of Down Town, Las TablasFor all Panamanians, Carnival is the most awaited annual event, their popularity is comparable in Latin America with the famous Brazilian carnival, both in popular participation, fun, as well as in their splendorous costumes and popular folkloric allegories. The whole country, a multitude of people from all races and social backgrounds, take to the streets for four days and five nights, for the sole purpose of having fun.

In the mornings, the "mojaderas" (water is sprinkled on carnival participants in the streets) refresh the tropical heat; in the afternoons the parades with extravagant "Queens" with luxurious attire in allegorical carts, accompanied by "comparsas" and "tunas" (cheerful groups of musicians and dancers) delight young and old alike. At nights there are dances in popular public sites and streets that complete a full day of festivities. The time for rest is rather short since as soon as the sun appears the celebration begins once more. Come and see for yourself, live your own Panamanian carnival experience. Contact your tour guide or travel agency and plan your fun and relaxation trip to your liking.

This year Carnival 2005 begins on Friday night, February 04, with a regal celebration program that consists in the crowning of the "Queens" in Panama, Penonomé, Chitré, Las Tablas, Capira, Chepo, Penonomé, and Dolega and they finish on Tuesday, February 8. All these populations that are located in the interior of the country are open scenarios full of fun and games, where the spontaneous manifestations of the Panamanians and the beauty and garb of the Panamanian woman are outstanding.


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