2003, a centennial of Independence

The Independence of Panama from Spain took place on November 28 of 1821 uniting what was later to be Great Colombia, from which Panama separated on November 03 1903. From this date on a new period was born, marking a great advance and development in the economic, social and commercial environment of the country. Today we celebrate with happiness and great enthusiasm the first Century of the Independent republic of Panama.

          This festivity has been organized with a great national program where not only Panamanians can participate but all those that want to visit the country and celebrate this great event. In a few days a century of existance will be celebrated, where we will highlight the festivities inspired by acts: the culture, the music the folklore and the popular traditions that distinguish each region of the Country and that each deserve to be visited as unforgettable tourist locations.

On October 31st 2003, the inaguration of the Centennial Ave. took place at the main street of the Residencial Area of Costa del Este, Panama City. The ceremony also included the plantation of the 100th "Panama Tree" (Panama´s representative tree). The Mayor of Panama attended the ceremony along with representative from Central America and Madrid, Spain.

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