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The Hotel Country Inn and Suites of Carlson-Panama started operations on
December 10th, 1997. Guests will enjoy the comfort of  84 spacious rooms and 24 suites, telephone services, cable TV, internet, rental of limousines with cellular phones, meeting rooms, cafeteria, swimming pool and exercises room.

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The company "Temptress Adventure Cruises" has started operating in Panama and   offers its "Temptress Cruise" which sails from Colon towards the exotic islands of San Blas, home of the Kuna indians. The ship was specially designed to navigate close to the coast in order to allow tourists to enjoy  the beautiful sights which Atlantic Coasts offer.

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(Harpia Harpyja)

The Harpy Eagle, Panama’s National Bird, was named after the predatory monster half woman, half bird of the Greek mythology by the early explorers of America. This Eagle is consider as the earth most powerful raptor and it can reach a high of 105 cm. and a wingspan of 7 foot.

harpia_1.jpg (9212 bytes)The Harpy Eagle habitat is under constant destruction by development, logging and agricultural pioneering.Among the most common preys of this eagle are the howler monkeys, spider monkeys, sloths, iguanas and macaws. The Harpy Eagle domains a huge extension of land as its hunting area and it is very aggressive with trespassers. The eagle builts its nest on a tree that can be up  130 foot high. Every two or more years the eagle lays one or two eggs in the large nest, but only one will make it. As soon a chick hatches, the other egg is left and all the attention is focused on the newborn chick. Both parents share the responsibility of raising and feeding the chick.

harpia_2.jpg (6744 bytes)The female eagle is one-third bigger than the male, but males are more agile and faster than females. This increases the possibility of finding food for the chick and its growing. Today, in Panama, the Harpy Eagle can be seen on its natural habitat at the Parque Nacional Darien (Darien National Park) and on some areas at the province of Chiriqui. A captivity reproduction center is under construction at the Summit Zoo with the help of Sony Corporation of Panama. The Panama City Council Hall, and   some private sponsors.


In the province of Chiriqui, both, the Chiriqui and the Chiriqui Viejo rivers offer thrilling river rafting opportunities and stupendous sceneries. The Chiriqui river has a class 3 ranking and offers, from May to December, an exciting adventure. The Chiriqui Viejo river has enough rapids throughout the year and is more challenging; it has a class 4 ranking. Excellent river rafting operators are available in Panama and they offer a choice of all inclusive rafting packages.

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