Talipot Palm

Talipot PalmThis plant comes from the southeast of Asia (specifically Sri Lanka, India) . It was introduced in Panama and placed in the bounds of the Summit Botanical Garden during the time of the american settlement in the Canal Zone.

Their scientific name is Corypha elata Roxb. It’s an Umbraculifera plant, because the flowers they produce simulates both a crown and an umbrella.

This specie is one of the rarest among palms. It is so, because the plant needs around 50 or 60 years for its flowers to bloom. According to calculations it is said that they produce about 12 million flowers, ones wich contain more than 500kg of seeds. One of the most astonishing things is that the palm slowly dies after germinating. Their stems can grow up to 25 meters and their leaves can measure up to 5 meters in diameter.

The flowering of the Talipot is very big and copious of a creamy yellowish kind of color, as the one that can be observed in the pictures. This palms are now germinated in the Cuba avenue beside the building of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Panama City.

In our country many people think that the flowering of these plants is a symbol of good luck. The good news is that this phenomenon goes on for a long while so you still have time to come and admire this wonder of nature. Come Panama is waiting for you!

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talipot palm

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