The Carnival of the City of Las Tablas, in the Province of Los Santos, 282 kilometers and 3 and a half hours away from Panama City, has become the most famous in the country and a true spectacle of beauty and extravaganza of national and international fame. Its well earned prestige is based upon the luxury of its costumes and allegorical carts that exhibit the Queens, the main attraction of the celebration and the symbol of the "tunas" of Up Town and Down Town Main street, that compete in providing the best and wealthiest fantasy of color and cheerfulness to those who participate in this carnival experience.

          In LasTablas, thousands of people are congregated in a small plaza to enjoy the exciting festive activities known as the "culecos" that are in essence popular outdoor dances where participants are sprinkled constantly by clean water pumped from cistern trucks. There are moments when the event comes to a climax when the Queens parade with their beautiful costumes saluting participants while the songs and the traditional typical music of the tunas play along.

The luxury and the splendor of the Las Tablas Carnival envelope the nights while the traditional rivalries among the Up Town and Down Town Main Street "tunas", (each routing for its Queen), sing folkloric tunes and dance around in impressive and majestic allegorical carts designed for each of the 4 holidays. The celebration in Las Tablas doesn’t have any limits, you must come prepared to enjoy an endless number of festive activities.

          The Cities of Panama and the interior of the country provide all tourist services such as lodging, food and communications, that allow you to enjoy in a secure atmosphere, one of most popular celebrations of the American Continent. We invite you to personally live the experience. Come and enjoy what Panama has to offer.

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