Panama is also a land of almost, unimaginable beauty. You´ll find mountains lush with tropical forests, vast grasslands, magnificent coastlines and seductive beaches. Sitting at the very top of South America, Panama serves as a bridge to several worlds. North and South America meet here, but you´ll also discover Asians, Europeans, Australians and Africans, all living and trading together. Because of the complex forces of history, this country has become a melting pot of nationalities and cultures.

Panama is a modern as tomorrow, too. It´s a city of skyscrapers, of exciting with casinos, discos, international restaurants and spectacular shows; It´s duty-free shopping in select stores, with the world´s merchandise from which to choose  

You can visited a city that spans over 500 years. See the remnants of a settlement destroyed by Morgan the pirate, and watch one of the foremost "wonders of the modern world", the Panama Canal. Most importantly, you´ll come to know the people of Panama: eager friendly men and women who have been hosting visitors from around the globe since the sixteenth century.

The country boasts over 800 miles of Caribbean coastline; more than 1000 miles along the Pacific. The resort island of Contadora, and its have, diving, water-skiing and other sports action for the wet at heart.

The modern Interamerican Highway leads you into the mountainous regions, through  rainforest awash with rare orchids and technicolor birds. There seems to be wonder around every bend.

So see as much of this wonderful country as you can. Enjoy the scenery, go shopping, live the nightlife to the hilt and love the people. There are much to see and do.

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