Boquete - The Valley of the eternal spring

Boquete was founded on the 11 of April of 1911 and is also known as “Valley of the Flowers and the Eternal Spring”. It’s first settlers where people proceeding from other areas of Panama, as well as from different countries, specially Swiss, Yugoslavians, Swedish, Germans and North American immigrants.

Boquete is a volcanic valley from wich is very easy to reach to the Baru volcano placed at aproximately 3, 475 meters above sea level. Boquete is  located to just 30 minutes from David, the capital of the province of Chiriquí in Panama.


It is surrounded by an extraordinary mountain, wich forms part of the natural reservoir of La Amistad, where various species of birds as well as all sourts of animals found in the tropical humid forests are found.


The spectacular landscape is set by the Caldera river, that starts in the central chain of mountains aproximateley to 2,900 meters above sea level. This river crosses over the village from north to south.  We could say that one of the mayor atractions of this place is the wounderful weather found, which combines perfectly with a walk through the mountains or a horse ride.


Aditional to the weather, Boquete owns very fertile soils thanks to the antient volcanic activity on the place. This creates the perfect scenery for the growth of flowers and coffee. As a coffee producer, boquete has one of the first places worldwide, with varieties such as the native coffea arabiga.


In Boquete we can enjoy one of the best coffes joined by the smooth touch of the "bajareque",  which is a gentle drizzle draged by the North winds that passes across the mountains. This mountain paradise was named as one of the best places to live in the western hemisphere by the Modern Maturity Magazine.

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