This is the huge pot where the centennial sancocho was made.  It's 2 meters tall!

This is the huge pot where the centennial sancocho was made. It's 2 meters tall!

Panamanian food has many different types of dishes according to the region where they are elaborated; due to the wide variety of ethnic groups that are found in the country. Panama offers world-class restaurants that can satisfy all kinds of exotic tastes. But, what really makes a Panamanian proud is the great variety of traditionals dishes we have to offer.

           One of the most famous typical Panamanian dishes is known as “Sancocho Panameño” (panamanian sancocho). This dish is a delicious soup that is generally made up of chicken, garlic, onions, yam, culantro, oregano, pepper and salt. This soup is eaten with white rice and hot sauce (but just for those who want to).              

          During this year to celebrate the 100 years of Panama as an independent republic, the SUCASA Group had the idea and the promotion of the preparation of the event that they denominated the “ Centennial Sancocho". This activity took place on august 16 of 2003 in the ATLAPA Convention Center and all the funds collected were used to help the Panama’s Children’s Hospital. For the soup to be cooked, it was necessary to built a giant pot on stainless steel, special burners and special mixing spoons. Also, another challenge for the SUCASA Group was to find a way to make the gigantic pot to stand on the burners.

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