A numerous group of specialized chefs assisted the preparation of the Sancocho that began since 5:00 a.m. in order to serve at noon. It was neccesary to built special mixing spoons.

This, is the recipe to make the “The World’s Biggest Sancocho”

Pot size: 2.00 meters height and 3.00 meters width.
Chicken and Yam:
3.0 tons (3,000.00 kg).
1,5000.00 lb. (680.38 kg.).
Garlic :
80.00 lb. (36.28 kg).
60.00 lb. (27.21 kg).
Oregano: 10.00 lb. (4.53 kg).
Pepper: 5.00 lb. (2.26 kg).
80.00 lb. (36.28 kg).
Volume of Water:
2,033.00 gallons (9,148.50 L).
Heat produced by the burners
: 4,000.000.00 BTU.
Amount of served plates:
approximately 21,365.00 plates of 12 ounces.
Cost for plate:
More than 300.

Everyone can enjoy this and many other national dishes in any of the restaurants of the country. Come, visit Panama and don’t forget to try the national food, especially, the Sancocho.

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