While shopping human relations get stronger and a cardiovascular exercise, which trains all parts of the body from head to toe, is done. The best part relays in the fact that a fat burning process takes place at the same time you are having fun, so this activity can be taken as a great sport.

Between the last and this ending year, 2004 , Panama has experimented a new way to shop with the inauguration of a variety of malls, which have improved the marvelous experience of shopping in this country. 

If what you are looking for is to practice this wonderful activity in our country, besides the “Zona Libre” or “Free Zone” established Colón athletes will be able to find a huge amount of shopping plazas and a variety of malls, ones that go from the cheapest to the most expensive, in other words for all budgets. 

December is one of the best months to shop in Panama, because due to the proximity of the Christmas Festivities all stores lower their prices and bring new products. Also during this month the “shopping nights” take place. This concept is very popular, since a specific store offer drinks, foods, entertainment and low prices to their customers through one night. 

During this month the newest shopping mall in Panama will open it’s doors, Multiplaza Pacífica. It is equipped with the best national and international stores, and with all the facilities and services for those who practice this activity. 

There are several other malls and shopping plazas around Panama City, for example: Los Pueblos, Albrook Mall, Multicentro, Multiplaza Pacífica, Los Andes, El Dorado, the famous Vía España where many hotels are located, and many more. For the variety of products that Panama has to offer is considered as the “Bazaar of the World”. Come to visit, we are waiting for you… 

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