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Welcome to Bastimentos, Marine National Park


This marine park is a group of islands that are located at Almirante Bay in the province of Bocas del Toro ( its name was given after Christopher Columbus who discover America ) and the Chiriqui Lagoon. It has a surface of 13,226 hectares.

This is one of a few protected areas of Latin America that preserve, simultaneously, the wildlife and habitat of beaches, coral reef and mangroves.

How to get there
The easiest way to get to this park is by air. From Panama City it will take an hour and from David it will be 20 minutes. You can also make it by land, from Panama City you take the Interamericana highway until you reach a small town named Chiriqui. Then you most take the road that goes through the town of Gualaca and lead you to Chiriqui Grande in Bocas del Toro. From Chiriqui Grande to Bocas del Toro city, Colon Island, it’s a ferryboat that does the trip in 2 hours. There is also a service of taxi that can take you to Bocas del Toro city from Almirante in 1 hour. Once in Bocas del Toro City you most contact the ANAM offices for guides, by water, to the different attractions of the park.

The Caribbean city of Bocas del Toro is a exotic tourist destiny that offers sun, sea, beaches, diving, forest; Indian Culture and artistic expressions of folklore, handicraft and architecture that were consolidated under the influence of this park. The Colon Island were the City of Bocas del Toro is, can provide it’s visitors with hotels, diving equipment for rent, taxis, guides services and restaurants that are specialize in Caribbean foods.

What to do and Where to go?
This park offers a lot of activities to it’s visitors, like snorkeling, swimming and diving in one of the most beautiful Crystal clear waters and white sands. Most of these beaches are used by turtles for nestling since April month to September month. Also you can enjoy a trip in one of the many canals that run through the mangroves and, if you are lucky, see some dolphins or turtles.

View of Larga Beach
Swan Key-north of Colon Island, cushioning area of the park
Bastimentos Island houses
Mangrove straits
One of the park's reef

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