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Welcome to Campana National Park

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The park is located 60 Kilometers (35 mi.) from Panama City going in a southeastern direction along the Pacific Coast and has a surface of 4,816 hectares (12,000 acres), that is shared by the districts of Chame and Capira. This park protects a humid tropical forest growing on mountains of volcanic origin and some important rivers that are vital for the water supply of the Panama Canal. The fauna that can be seen in this park is composed of monkeys, wild pigs (saínos), more than 175 different bird species, with reptiles being represented by the famous 'golden frogs' that are an endangered species, which can only be found here and are considered locally as a natural jewel.
From the highest points of the park you can see the mouth of the river Chame with its complex ecosystem of mangroves and further out against the deep blue background of the Pacific Ocean are the Islands of Taboga and Otoque. 

How to get there
About 45 minutes away from Panama City: 60 kilometers on the Pan-American Highway until the entrance of the Park, followed by a dirt road of 5 km and you arrive at the cloud forest, which has viewing spots enabling you to appreciate the natural landscape of the forest, the river and the sea in a nice climate.

Because of the closeness of the park to Panama City and other towns like Chorrera, Capira and Chame it will be easy to find hotels, restaurants and car rentals.
Campana National Park is surrounded by picturesque agricultural communities such as La Chepa, Chicá, Malganao, Buena Vista, Trinidad Arriba, Bajo Grande and La Lagunita where you can buy foodstuffs, fruits or plants.
The park only has an Administration Office and a lodge for researchers or visitors. If you want to use this shelter, you should contact the National Environment Authority (ANAM by its Spanish initials) for authorization

What to do and Where to go?
With a temperature of 18º C (65ºF), in the higher regions of the park, this is a great place to go hiking on some of the trails, like the Urraca, where you may watch some beautiful flora and fauna. Make sure you don't miss the lookout point near the administration office of the Park, with a fantastic view of valleys and mountains all the way to the Pacific Coastline.
But, the most exciting adventure is finding a ' golden frog', one of the planet's natural jewels. The search for them is like a fairy tale with a happy ending if you finally find one in its natural habitat.


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