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Welcome to Isla Cañas


This refuge is located at the district of  Tonosi in the province of  Los Santos and has a 13 Kms. beach that is used by thousands of turtles for nestling every year. The most common turtle is the Lapidochelis Olivacea.

This refuge also protects an important habitat of sea birds and other species. Near the refuge you will find a fisherman village that with the National Authority of the Ambient (ANAM) takes care of the turtles when they came to the shore every year.

How to get there
From Panama City you can take a plane to Chitre and them by car to a town named Cañas at Tonosi ( 2 hours ). Also you can do the whole trip by car, but it will take almost 6 hours. Once in Cañas you will take a boat to the village named Isla de Cañas ( 15 minutes ) where the refuge is located.

The town named Tonosi is the closest one to the refuge that can offers some shelter, restaurant and rent of boats. The people of Tonosi can give you some tours, by boat or by car, to other sites that may be interesting. The ANAM offers some information about the refuge and it’s work to protect the turtles.

What to do and Where to go?
The main attraction of the refuge is the arrival of the different kind of turtles at night that produce a spectacular scenario. Other activities like hiking, diving, swimming and snorkeling can be done at any time.


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