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Welcome to Portobelo National Park


Located on the Caribbean coast of Panama, it is a protected area where the tropical rain forest and sea meet. Its total area is 34,846 hectares (86,000 acres), of which more than 20% is marine area.
There are 70 Kilometers of long and beautiful beaches, which have become the most visited places by Panamanian and foreign diving lovers. This Park was made to protect Nature, Culture and Historical monuments.
In 1980 the whole colonial structure, known as the Monumental Complex, where military, religious, civil and cultural buildings can be found, was declared as a World cultural heritage Monument by UNESCO and by the OAS as a Monumental City of the Americas.

How to get there
By car from Panama City, in about an hour and thirty minutes on the Transisthmian Highway. You can also take a plane from Albrook to France Field (Colon) for about 15 minutes followed by a 40-minute ride.)

Portobelo itself is a typical coastal village with hotels and restaurants serving local food. Diving equipment, jet-skis and boats can be rent with guide services.

What to do and Where to go?
In Portobelo you can tour the historical monuments with specialized guides or native residents, enjoy the rich Afro-colonial fare and learn the infectious Congo dance of the Afro-Caribbean's.
Divers can find one of the best reef areas on the Caribbean coast, with the added advantage that it is not very deep and close to the coast. The are several diving school.


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View of the spaniard's forts
View of the spaniard's forts
View of the spaniard's forts
View of the spaniard's forts