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Welcome to Sarigua National Park


Located on the coast of the Gulf of Parita in the province of Herrera. With a surface of 8,000 hectares (20,000 acres) that are divided in three different areas: 3,500 hectares of semi-desert area, 3,000 hectares of sea and 1,500 hectares of fragmented soils. Inside the park are the remains of the oldest Pre-Columbian Indian village in Panama, which dates from around 9,500 to 7,000 BC (Cook, 1983). So, that makes it easy to find pieces of pottery and objects made of stone that are being studied by scientists from all over the continent.
The salinization process of the soils of this park has created a desert area with unique characteristics for this part of the American tropics. The sea part of the park protects the birth area of shrimps and other marine species in the mangrove forests.

How to get there
From Panama City you can take a 35 minute a plane ride to Chitre in the province of Herrera and then by car to a town named Parita or you can make it by car, from Panama City, in 4 hours to Parita. From Parita you take the access road to the park and in 15 minutes you will be at the visitors center.

The City of Chitré is nearest to the park. There you will find hotels, restaurants and guides to the park and to other attractions of the city. In the Visitors Center of the Park itself you can obtain general information about the area and specialized tour guides.

What to do and Where to go?
Easy observation and interpretation walks through the various archeological sites and vegetation that developed and adapted itself to the high temperatures and salinity of the area.

VIRTUAL PICTURE!, click here.
Vista Panorámica del Parque Nacional Sarigua.

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